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  • Carousel-box 1 | TopPlay

    The carousel offers the possibility to actively make it go round or hold on safely to the handhold. Children can sit opposite each other and play together. The carousel can be easily moved around easily transported to different play areas. Our carousel trains children’s sense of balance and body coordination.

  • Carousel-box 2 | TopPlay

  • Greenhouse | Topplay

    A new concept of a greenhouse for a kindergarten group experience: the children care for their plantsand can watch them grow every day.Back to nature/experiencing nature: How do plants develop? Great tool to educate children on sustainable andecological thinking Can be wheeled into the sun or shade Protected by a plastic top, which can be easily opened & closed with a zipper.Shelf integrated into handle for more work space Equipment not included,can be ordered separately.

    Product Size:

    1200 x 580 x 1150

  • Mobile Kitchen | TopPlay

    The outdoor kitchen will provide hours of fun role-play activities for the children and turn them into gourmet chefs. They can cook on the four stove plates and bake in the oven. The solid kitchen is made from high-quality and weather-resistant wood. It stands secure due to the robust construction. The kitchen’s natural and modern design fits in every kindergarten. The large workspaces are perfect for group play and the kitchen is accessible from all sides. All surfaces of the kitchen can be wiped down and are easy to clean. It can be easily wheeled to different places indoors or outdoors

  • Turn & Swing | TopPlay

    Two integrated ball bearings in the suspension enable rotation around the own axis . The included sling can be fastened to a suitable fixture ,scaffold or tree and the toy can be fixed with a carabiner. Practical variable height settings enable the usage seated or hanging freely . The robust rope is additionally protected against abrasion and wear and the connection to the bearing was sealed as protection against dirt and water.

  • Turning Table | TopPlay

    With our “Turning Table”, the fun increases round by round. It is particularly suitable for training and experiencing balance and body perception. Whether sitting or lying, the “Turning Table” is a challenge for every child.

  • WaterTable | Topplay

    How does water react and in which direction does it run if I change its course? Different levels – trains spatial awareness and understanding Group experience: Due to the transparent design children can interact with each other Children like to dam the water and let it run again Easily moveable if the ground becomes soft included equipment: 2 hoses, 2 funnels, 2 blueseesaws.

    Product Size:

    1170 x 580 x 1100