Spielwelle emphasizes on "New Thinking in Play" by promoting the memory, language and imagination of the children – from the crib to the kindergarten to the pre-school.

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  • Lift & Drop | Spielwelle

    The game can effectively exercise the children’seye-head balance and body coordination.

    Product Size:

    370 x 310 x 285

  • Magnetisx | Spielwelle

    Magnetrix shows children the phenomena of magnetic pole, magnetization, same-charges repulsion and opposite attract through magnetic experiments. Through the game, children’s ability to explore and hands-on ability can be enhanced. At the same time, they can better understand some of the magnetic phenomena in life.

    Product Size:

    435 x 310 x 115

  • Mechaniks | Spielwelle

    This is a lab box that shows mechanical transmissions, where children see basic mechanical elements as toys and introduce them into game experiments.The game contains the mechanical components required for the experiment and 22 basic mechanical principles experiments.In the experiment, the children can insert the fixed rod, turn the handle, transmit the rotary motion, change the direction of rotation or make a sound. These are the most basic mechanical transmission principles.It is these simple principles and mechanisms that have helped people alleviate a lot of work for hundreds of years.

    Product Size:

    425 x 295 x 95

  • Mirror Studio | Spielwelle

    Help children to build up space concepts and get the three – dimensional perceptive ability commonly used in daily life.

    Product Size:

    423 x 295 x 85

  • Ninjo | Spielwelle

    Ninjo in the tower, ready to go!Three magical ball need to be transported from the bottom to the top with one hand. Who will be the first one to bring the magnet balls to the finish line without being side tracked by the competitor? Concentration plays a key role in this game.

    Product Size:

    390 x 245 x 635

  • Optiko | Spielwelle

    With different light experiments Optiko allows children to get a playful access to light colors, color mixtures and shadows.The Optiko box contains 23 interesting experiments,including mixing of light colors or the dispersion of light beams up to generating moving pictures for ananimated cartoon. In combination with shadows we better notice the existence of light. Especially the interplay of light and shadow offers a strong fascination.

    Product Size:

    530 x 270 x 120

  • Shape UFO | Spielwelle

    The basic principle of the game is to know the shape of the game board and classify the objects correctly so that they can pass through the game board.

    Product Size:

    315 x 315 x 140

  • Trijo | Spielwelle

    In this game children have to transport the ball
    from the bottom spoon to the top spoon which is
    quite difficult and needs a great deal of patience.
    Through this game hand & brain coordination can
    be trained. Motor response ability can also be

    Product Size:

    400 x 400 x 600