Derived from “Education” & “Sphere”, Eduspheres is dedicated to providing quality educational toys for children from 0-6 years.

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  • Counting Magic Ball Set | Eduspheres

    This material is ideal for children to learn about counting by gasping colorful balls. Children can grasp balls of any color and place them in the right position. During this process, children can also name the color and count the number.

    Product Size:

    Tere are 10 boards, 4 wooden clips, 1 square boom board, 1 triangle boom board, 250 wooden balls and 25 wooden balls in eac color

  • Magic Fingers | Vivaio

    Ideal for children to develop their fine motor skills by using their fingers to create various colorful patterns. There are 7 double-sided printing mission cards. Children could create patterns as indicated on the cards or just with their own imagination.

  • Resin Spheres Set | Eduspheres

    To help children recognize colors, children can observe things around them through the colorful resin balls and get a wonderful experience with colorful sight.

  • Sound Spheres Set | Eduspheres

    The main function of this set is to help children distinguish between different sounds. It contains 6 pairs of sound balls. The balls are marked with numbers. The numbers on each pair are matching. Shake the ball to listen to the sound. Can children distinguish different sounds and pick up the same sound balls?

  • Tactile Spheres Set | Eduspheres

    This tactile spheres set is great for children to learn color matching, as well as using their touch to correct identify the correct pieces. A fun and sensory experience with this set. Great for fine motor skills, sensory play and matching activities.