Beleduc is a family business that has more than 50 years' experience in the toy industry. The philosophy of Beleduc is: Children do not play to learn, they learn because they play.

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  • 200pcs paper | BELEDUC

    High quality painting paper for Flying Colors

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  • 200pcs Paper | Beleduc

  • Action-Reaction | BELEDUC

    All chips are laid face up on the table. The cards are put together in a pile that is also placed upsidedown on the table.- The players then take turns picking up the top card of the deck and placing it on the table, so it is visible to all players. Everyone now looks to see whether they can find the object that is also shown on one of the game chips.

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    160 x 120 x 40

  • Affe – Cheeta & Bibi | BELEDUC

    Monkeys – they are clever, quick and full of mischief. They are fascinating animals that children like. At home in many regions all over the world, they have many stories to tell The soft and snuggly female monkey loves to swing,to play with her baby Bibi and to cuddle. The pretty and detailed faces are a real eye-catcher. Children will love them!

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  • Animal habitats | BELEDUC

    This game develops the logical association of animals, their habitats and tracks.

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    204 X 100 X 60

  • Animal Habitats | Beleduc

    Learning by doing and playing! Expansion of vocabulary or spatial orientation, recognition of differences or solving problems – the focus of Cognito is mainly on the fun of playing. The boxes foster mental processes in children and help to develop the brain structure.

  • Animal Puzzle | BELEDUC

    Puzzle your animal!The Animal Puzzle promotes first puzzling and building with blocks. By free stacking children practise their fine motor skills. In a second step puzzling the animal correctly children learn about concepts and associations like tall and short. The wooden blocks are child-friendly illustrated and arefun to play with.

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    280 x 200 x 50

  • Balamari | BELEDUC

    The player needs to manipulate the fish to swim into the four colorful caves in the game mat. To finish this, children need to have strong agility and dexterity, coordination and balance, oral expression or other abilities.

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  • Bamboo Channel | BELEDUC

    Natural bamboo materials provide endless fun with water for children.

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    800 x 550 x 350

  • Banditti | BELEDUC

    Why is the sausage lying in the bedroom, the key inthe bathroom and the money in the kitchen? By asking clever questions and combining logically you can find out where the bandits hid their goods. The bandit who steals five items from the other robbers wins the game.

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    378 x 275 x 65

  • Banditti | Beleduc

    Why is the sausage in the bedroom, the key in the bathroom, and the money in the kitchen? Find out where the other robbers have hid their loot by asking clever questions and thinking logically. Because only the bandit who can steal five items from the other robbers wins the game.

  • Beleduc toddler range display | BELEDUC

    This is the display for the teethers and graspers.Each 2 piece makes full use of the display.

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