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  • Chain Links | Educo

    Playing with links is great for encouraging hand-eye coordination. Children can experiment with different designs and lengths. Cooperating with other children helps creating bigger designs faster.

    Product Size:

    313 x 603 x 33

  • Climb-XL Game | BELEDUC

    Climb is an exciting balancing game, where you have to balance the ball to the top of the tower either alone or as a team using finesse and dexterity. The aim of the game is to be the first player to guide all three balls of the same colour to the top plateau of the tower. Ideally no ball should fall down or get lost in the holes of the labyrinth on the way up. There are three main game variations: Group play with up to 4 players, cooperative group play with 3 children each per team or free play using the Climb Tower either alone or as a group.

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  • Cork Board with Plastic Bottom | Educo

    Pruduct Size: 300 × 220 mm
    QTY/CTN: 20 pcs

    Product Size:

    300 × 220

  • El Gecko | BELEDUC

    The small gecko George and his friends want to take a nap in the midday sun. In orde r to do so,they need to grab one of the popular spots on the precarious rock. To ensure that they can all find a spot, they need to stay balanced and mustn’t fall off!

    Product Size:

    320 x 225 x 45

  • Flexipainter | BELEDUC

    The coloured rubber bands give children an opportunity to create special works of art. Nomatter whether there are with or without templates cards.stretching the bands develops fine motor skills and promotes creative design.Fine motor skills are developed while placing the rubber strings.

    Product Size:

    280 x 270 x 30

  • Flooping | BELEDUC

    Bats fly through the air searching for a place to land in the twelve rooms of the castle. The different rooms can be targeted with the catapult so that each bat can find a cozy place! The player who occupies the most rooms wins the game!

    Product Size:

    378 x 275 x 65

  • Fun Bottons | Educo

    This tactile spheres set is great for children to learn color matching, as well as using their touch to correct identify the correct pieces. A fun and sensory experience with this set. Great for fine motor skills, sensory play and matching activities.

    Product Size:

    313 x 603 x 53

  • Geoboard | Educo

    Infants & Toddlers create various figures by placing rubber bands around the wood tips, and discover the concepts of perimeter, area, and angle in the created figures. You can also create beautiful patterns based on sample cards or freely.

    Product Size:


  • Hammer | Educo

    Additional red plastic hammer for Happy hammer (E522355).

    Product Size:

    160 × 77 x 34

  • Happy Hammer – Geo Set | Educo

    Create mosaic designs with geometric shapes in various colours. Model one of the 12 assignment cards or make up your own unique creations.Improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Product Size:

    420 x 330 x 80

  • Insert Frame | Educo

    Additional insert frame (20 x 28 cm) for Insert mosaic (E522234).

    Product Size:

    200 × 280

  • Insert Mosaic – 10 mm | Educo

    Children arrange a mix of round and squaremulti-coloured pegs and learn to convert a 2-Dpicture into a 3-D situation. Children choose a perforated image card, insert it into a frame stand and apply for the matching pegs. The 10 mm pegsand their boards are more complex than the 15 mm version. Fine-tune motor skills as well as colour andpattern perception are developed in this game.

    Product Size:

    420 x 330 x 80