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  • 3D Creations | Educo

    Create a 3D copy of the activity card image by using blocks and the plastic safety mirror.Exploring spatial relationships by comparing 2D pictures with their 3D versions develops abstract thinking.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 68

  • Acrylic Mirror | Educo

    Extra mirror for Building spatial (E522234) and Figurogram (E522231).

    Product Size:

    150 x 300

  • Agate Slices Set Of 12 | VIVAIO

    Identify, feel and learn the properties of these beautiful natural agates. This set contains 12 agate tablets with smooth surfaces and raw edges. Children can observe the natural colour and pattern inside the agate through light. Each tablet is unique in the world.

  • Apple Tree Counting Set | Educo

    Assignment board trees each have 10 holes and are assigned numerals from 1 – 10. Children use green and red apples to fill the tree with the needed amount. Adding apples to trees is a tactile and vivid way to learn number combinations.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 68

  • Area-Educo | Educo

    Copy shapes with help of square wooden blocks. Practice
    comparing and filling areas. One side of the assignment card
    shows the surface divided into blocks. The other side is more
    challenging with only the total area of the shape visible.

    Product Size:

    240 x 125 x 68

  • Bear Game | Educo

    A set of plastic bears in different colours and sizes,including 16 exercise with 3 to learn to name colour and shapes, but also to degrees of difficulty.This material is very suited count, compare and make series.

    Product Size:

    335 x 226 x 68

  • Building In Layers And Rows

    Children build in layers (from bottom to top) and rows (from back to front) in preparation for technical drawing. They must be able to analyse objects in terms of floor plans, sections, and views. The increase in difficulty ensures that children are introduced to spatial reasoning step by step

  • Cash Register | Educo

    Play and practise money transactions. The register features push buttons, a money tray and a pretend credit card. Children gain a tangible sense of numbers and counting. The money display is connected to the cash register with a strong magnet.

    Product Size:

    240 x 240 x 130

  • Catch the number | BELEDUC

    Who will be the first to collect enough points to the numbers race? This game is all about being the first to collect the target number.Speed and good comprehension are needed, but becareful! Don’t let your neighbour steal your numbers!

    Product Size:

    240 x 240 x 65

  • Placeholder

    Clock 24 synchronous – pupils

    24-hour Clock with synchronous mechanism.

  • Placeholder

    Clock analogue-digital – teacher

    Wooden clock with 12 and 24 hour marks and a digital display. Set the time on the analogue clock using the hour and minute hands and turn the numbers for the corresponding digital time.

  • Coding animals | Educo

    Learn the basic concepts of coding. Hands-on material to make coding tangible for young children. The set contains 2 playing boards with different levels and an increase in difficulty.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 74