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  • Animal Puzzle | BELEDUC

    Puzzle your animal!The Animal Puzzle promotes first puzzling and building with blocks. By free stacking children practise their fine motor skills. In a second step puzzling the animal correctly children learn about concepts and associations like tall and short. The wooden blocks are child-friendly illustrated and arefun to play with.

    Product Size:

    280 x 200 x 50

  • Funny Hippo | BELEDUC

    Little hippo-lots of fun! When playing hammer games children train their basic motors skills. The rolling balls and the sound of the bell are a catchy experience that encourages the child to repeat again.

    Product Size:

    267 x 98 x 149

  • Happy Animals | BELEDUC

    Development: fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, assignment skills, combining skills, speech development.

    Product Size:

    Elepant: 140 x 110 x 5
    Rino: 120 x 97 x 5
    ippo: 120 x 97 x 5
    Crocodile: 187 x 45 x 5
    Girae: 90 x 175 x 5
    Monkey: 80 x 95 x 5 color box: 280x200x50

  • Shapy Sorter | BELEDUC

    The Shapy Sorter helps learn to differentiate between the basic shapes, promoting especially the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination,and shapes and colours can be named and learnedas well.

    Product Size:

    247 x 156 x 76

  • Shapy Train | BELEDUC

    The Shapy Train is a great toy to have! In the first level the child learns how to stack freely.This is recommended for children 18 months and up. In the second level, the child now stacks by colour and shape.

    Product Size:

    387 x 92 x 115

  • Stacking Friends | BELEDUC

    The crocodile and giraffe are invited to play!The Stacking Friends are a set of 2 cute animals that teach the child to stack vertically and horizontally. For children from 12 months it promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by stacking fantasy animals or creating the giraffe and crocodile.

    Product Size:

    155 x 65 x 70
    171 x 52 x 45 whole size: 280x200x65

  • Stacky Tower | BELEDUC

    Common colors and cute animal images are integrated. Each animal head is covered in a different shape. The body parts and legs are combined through layers to train children to recognize and distinguish different characteristics.

    Product Size:

    118 x 808 x 08

  • Triple Stacker | BELEDUC

    Stacking blocks is fun!Three colourful shapes to stack and build on three poles. With the Triple Stacker the baby can practise holding blocks and stacking them. This promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Big wooden blocks for easy handling.

    Product Size:

    158 x 158 x 75

  • Turning Animals | BELEDUC

    Who is the king of the Savannah? While playing with the Turning Animals the small hands of the child get promoted in fine motor skills.Different shapes help discover different haptics.The child can create the correct animals or fantasy animals. The Turning Animals are also great for role play once assembled!

    Product Size:

    84 x 39 x 39
    75 x 55 x 39
    85 x 43 x 40 color box: 142x50x87