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  • Balamari | BELEDUC

    The player needs to manipulate the fish to swim into the four colorful caves in the game mat. To finish this, children need to have strong agility and dexterity, coordination and balance, oral expression or other abilities.

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  • Fascination Plates, Set of 6 | Vivaio

    Children’s feet contact, each color brick will
    change different pattern, this is suitable for
    nursery school hall or art function room.

    Product Size:

    500 × 500 × 6

  • Fishing Fever | BELEDUC

    Ready, set, fish! Who is the first to manoeuvre all three fish of the same colour onto the pole? Or you can stack as many fish as possible and afterwards count the points on the under side of the fish to see who has the most points! One fishing game with many variations!

    Product Size:

    400 x 120 x 120

  • Fishing Fever | Beleduc

    To the fish, ready, go! Who can manage to move 3 fish of the same colour onto the rod faster? Or stack as many fish as you can and then later check the underside of the fi sh to see who got more points! A fishing game with lots of different ways to play.

  • Lift & Drop | Spielwelle

    The game can effectively exercise the children’seye-head balance and body coordination.

    Product Size:

    370 x 310 x 285

  • Make the right move | Educo

    Make the right move as shown on the assignment cards. Imitate them yourselves or imitate each other. Develop spatial awareness and general motor skills. As all the postures are included twice it is also possible to play memory games.

    Product Size:

    240 x 125 x 74

  • Sand Balls | BELEDUC

    It can effectively train children’s balance ability,coordination and fine movement.

    Product Size:

    Ball: 500g: Ø80
    Ball: 700g: Ø80
    Ball: 900g: Ø100
    Ball: 1100g: Ø100
    Ball: 1300g: Ø100

  • Tactile Bingo

    Through the clarity of abstract concepts, the sensory material lays a solid foundation for mathematics and geometry. By observing the shapes through feeling, recognising, and
    being able to name them, children learn the shapes, and vocabulary is stimulated.

  • XXL Angling Fever | BELEDUC

    A fun but tricky game of skills! The fish is “caught” and stored by the particular stands with the help of angling rods.

    Product Size:

    690 x 280 x 190

  • XXL Angling Fever | Beleduc

    A fun but tricky game of skill! The fi shes are “caught“ and stored on the corresponding stands by help of the fishing rods.