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  • 3D Creations | Educo

    Create a 3D copy of the activity card image by using blocks and the plastic safety mirror.Exploring spatial relationships by comparing 2D pictures with their 3D versions develops abstract thinking.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 68

  • Acrylic Blocks,28Pcs | VIVAIO

    Colourful transparent blocks especially for use on light table. Enjoy creative constructions as well as fantastic glowing learning experiences.

  • Agate Slices Set Of 12 | VIVAIO

    Identify, feel and learn the properties of these beautiful natural agates. This set contains 12 agate tablets with smooth surfaces and raw edges. Children can observe the natural colour and pattern inside the agate through light. Each tablet is unique in the world.

  • Bear Game | Educo

    A set of plastic bears in different colours and sizes,including 16 exercise with 3 to learn to name colour and shapes, but also to degrees of difficulty.This material is very suited count, compare and make series.

    Product Size:

    335 x 226 x 68

  • Building Blocks Natural-S | Educo

    A variety of solid wood blocks of primary colors with different sizes and shapes are the best choice to improve children’s space construction ability. A total of 100 solid wood blocks. Packed in cloth bag.

    Product Size:

    242 x 242 x 42

  • Coding animals | Educo

    Learn the basic concepts of coding. Hands-on material to make coding tangible for young children. The set contains 2 playing boards with different levels and an increase in difficulty.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 74

  • Coding Zoo | Educo

    Follow the steps mentioned on the assignment card
    and find out what animal the care taker is going to feed. Place the wooden figure next to the assignment cards and turn the cards for self-check. Step 2 is to use the other side of the cards. What steps does the care taker have to take to feed the mentioned animal.

    Product Size:

    335 x 225 x 70

  • Cognito Categories | BELEDUC

    With this puzzle children learn to correctly group together things that are related to each other and to recognize similarities.

    Product Size:

    180 x 75

  • Cognito Game – Recognition | BELEDUC

    Help children to understand the relationship between things and improve their logical thinking ability.

    Product Size:

    204 × 100 × 60

  • Cognito Game – Spatiality | BELEDUC

    By using local prepositions, children are able to name the exact locations of different objects and improve their spatial thinking.

    Product Size:

    149 × 100 × 60

  • Colodie | Educo

    Children roll a colour dice in turn to find a matching coloured piece for their puzzle. The first child to complete their image wins the game. Fitting the pieces into place helps children develop confidence with colours and shapes.

    Product Size:

    336 x 196 x 68

  • Color Lacing Game | Educo

    Children learn to make series based on shape and colour. The magnetic assignment card shows the first part of a necklace. Children finish the necklace by continuing the given sequence which stimulates mathematical skills, fine motor skills,and hand-eye coordination.

    Product Size: