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  • Area | Educo

    Copy shapes with help of square wooden blocks. Practice
    comparing and filling areas. One side of the assignment card
    shows the surface divided into blocks. The other side is more
    challenging with only the total area of the shape visible.

    Product Size:

    240 x 125 x 68

  • Clock 24 Synchronous – Pupils | Educo

    24-hour Clock with synchronous mechanism.

  • Clock Analogue – Digital – Teacher | Educo

    Wooden clock with 12 and 24 hour marks and a digital display. Set the time on the analogue clock using the hour and minute hands and turn the numbers for the corresponding digital time.

  • Measure And Compare | Educo

    Place blocks on the assignment cards. For the exercises with only outlines you can choose which colours and lengths to use. Develop spatial reasoning and logical thinking skills by measuring and comparing blocks of various lengths and colours.

    Product Size:

    336 x 226 x 68

  • Plastic Weights | Educo

    Plastic weights are easy to handle and durable. Pairs are equally weighted to show balance and equality. Use with Scales (522185).

    Product Size:

    ranging from 40 – 70 in eigt

  • Sand Clock Set of 5 | Vivaio

    Great for timing kids’ tooth brushing, Studying, Cooking, Exercising, Games and so on. Ideal for using at Home, Classroom, Office & more. They are color coded so easily identifiable.

  • Scales | Educo

    Balance weights or compare the weight of various objects. Learn to describe what happens to the scale and why. (Weights available separately). Children will begin to classify objects as heavy / light, despite object size.

    Product Size:

    Balance size: 400 × 150 ,
    Tray diameterø 175

  • Weight Box | Beleduc

    Cultivate children’s sense of weight, coordination and balance.

    Product Size:

    235 x 160 x 65

  • Weight Tubes | Educo

    Plastic tubes with various weights. Explore the difference between heavy and light. Weight tubes engage abstract thinking with ideas involving “more than” and “less than” with equally sized objects.

    Product Size:

    380 × 130 × 68 (Stand Size)