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  • Acrylic Blocks,28Pcs | VIVAIO

    Colourful transparent blocks especially for use on light table. Enjoy creative constructions as well as fantastic glowing learning experiences.

  • Bamboo Balance Beams | Vivaio

    This Beam set with smooth surface and round edges enable children to fully enjoy the fun of balancing.

    Product Size:

    525 x 525 x 310

  • Bamboo blocks 100pcs | Vivaio

    Unique design of bamboo blocks for free play.

    Product Size:

    747 x 727 x 85 nn

  • Block trolley | Vivaio

    Carry blocks around easily. Great educator and child resource. Made of Birch Playwood.

    Product Size:

    460 x 700 x 790

  • Boulders Mini

    These blocks with a natural look are ideal for building with. The shape challenges children to do this with precision and accuracy, stimulating motor skills and concentration

  • Building Blocks Natural-S | Educo

    A variety of solid wood blocks of primary colors with different sizes and shapes are the best choice to improve children’s space construction ability. A total of 100 solid wood blocks. Packed in cloth bag.

    Product Size:

    242 x 242 x 42

  • Catch the Number | Beleduc

    Who will be the first to collect enough points to win the numbers race? This game is all about being the first to collect the target number. Speed and good comprehension are needed, but be careful! Don’t let your neighbour steal your numbers!

  • Cookie Doo | Beleduc

    Who will be the first in the kitchen to collect 10 colourful cookies on their tray? This is a funny game which engages kids with its colourful illustrations and offers a playful way to practice first counting. The aim of the game is to fill your cookie tray first by practising counting from 1 to 10 as well as basic additions and subtractions. Cookie Doo can also be played as a memory game and used for free play and role play.

  • First Blocks in Multibox 118 PCS | Poly-M

    Even youngest children become great builders that can create fantasy animals and other constructions!

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    Happy Farm | Beleduc

    On their way over the course the players collect animals and exchange them for others. Whoever has got two cows at the end receives the tractor and wins the game.

  • Happy Magic | Beleduc

    The little potion brewing experts search under mushrooms for dots in the same colour as the colour that comes up on the dice. If the colour under the mushroom is the same as that shown by the thrown dice, the player may put the mushroom into his or her own cauldron. The first player to fi ll his or her cauldron with 7 mush rooms is the champion potion brewer.

  • Legolino | Beleduc

    An exciting, quick and interesting puzzle which is adaptable for diff erent age groups. Legolino contains 15 illustrated template cards, which offer different diffi culty levels, making learning advancements possible.