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  • 25 Fingerpuppets “Hedgeho” | Beleduc

    The fingerpuppet hedgehog is a perfect gift for the kindergarten group. So the
    project week about the hedgehog can
    start! What does the hedgehog eat,
    where does he live and what does he look
    Children get to know these exciting
    questions! At the end each child receives
    a finger puppet as a present.
    So learning is fun!

  • Boy & Girl Dolls, Set Of 2 | Vivaio

    A pair of friendly little partners. They have big eyes and bright smiles. Good companion in role play activities. Children can help them tie shoes, buttons and dress up. Take care of dolls and cultivate children’s logical thinking and language expression ability.

  • Brush | Educo

    Wooden handle for little hands to play.

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  • Buggy | Beleduc

    The “solid one”, not only suitable for carrying dolls and teddy bears.

  • Buggy | Educo

    Buggy with a solid beech frame, candy-striped linen,solid plastic wheels and extra-large rubber tyres for grip. Push bar height is approx. 560 mm.

    Product Size:

    520 x 260 x 490

  • Camping Car | TopPlay

    Innovative implementation of the camping trend. The new TopPlay “Camping Car” offers children another opportunity for role play in nature. Several children can play with it together at the same time. The “Camping Car” can be set up as desired, for example with the beleduc Multi Benches. Here children get the opportunity to develop role-playing games independently and to play together with other children in the outdoor area.

  • Cat – Cara & Mimi | Beleduc

    Cats are little adventurers and love freedom.they can be timid or very affectionate, cuddly or verybold. All kitties need to be cuddled. The handpuppet cat is a very loving mother, who carries her baby protectively. The little kitten is a fingerpuppet. The white paws, the cute face withthe pretty eyes and the quaint ears ensure that Cara and Mimi are the favourite handpuppet.

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  • Clothes Airer | Educo

    Clothes airer with foldaway legs.

    Product Size:

    550 x 330 x 680

  • Clothes Rack | Educo

    Compact wooden clothes rack with a rod for hanging clothes and an unbreakable plexiglass mirror. There is a storage place behind the mirror. Here you can store shoes and accessories that complete the outfits.
    The wheels make it easy to move the clothes rack anywhere.

    Product Size:

    1200 x 750 x 450

  • Cooking Essential + Vegetables, XL Set | Beleduc

    With the cooking essentials and vegetables set healthy eating is fun! Cut the vegetables, peel the potatoes and grate the cheese – this is how preparing healthy meals is fun! The vegetables are kept together by Velcro fasteners or magnets and can be cut up. The egg box contains 6 eggs – 3 hard-boiled eggs and 3 fried eggs, so cooking is fun!

  • Dishwasher | Educo

    Create a recognisable environment with Educo’s household elements. By using a realistic layout of the dishwasher and ‘real’ details such as the display, buttons that tick when turned and metal handle, the dishwasher is very recognisable to children. All Educo elements can be fitted together as one unit. To be used in 2 heights: without feet (and skirting board) suitable for children from 2 years old. With feet (and skirting board) suitable for children from 4 years old.

  • Dishwasher | Vivaio

    This VIVAIO kitchen set range is made of solid pine wood. A completeset includes 6 models for flexible combinations. Ideal for creating a naturalrole play kitchen corner and giving children the opportunity to create,imagine, and communicate with each other. No assembly required.

    Product Size:

    400 x 325 x 605