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  • Animal Puzzle | Beleduc

    Puzzle your animal!The Animal Puzzle promotes first puzzling and building with blocks. By free stacking children practise their fine motor skills. In a second step puzzling the animal correctly children learn about concepts and associations like tall and short. The wooden blocks are child-friendly illustrated and arefun to play with.

    Product Size:

    280 x 200 x 50

  • Arch Stacker, 12 pcs | Vivaio

    This unique arch stacker set enables children to freely and creatively explore the endless possibilities of block play.

  • Build The Blocks | Educo

    These blocks are of an appropriate size for a baby. This builds the child’s mathematical and spatial skill. The blocks will be used throughout the coming years. Helps children gain control and mastery over their hands and helps build the muscles in their trunk.

  • Cause And Effect-Box | Educo

    Executive skills are a good predictor of future success. It teaches the child to think ahead, to set goals and to plan the actions to be carried out. With the ‘Motor Planning Box’ the child learns to think ahead. If it puts the ball in the box, it learns to predict that it will end up in the drawer and can be taken out again.

  • Feel The Ball | Educo

    Young children are still discovering the world around them. How do things look and feel? In order to stimulate this ability and their curiosity, the basket contains balls with different textures and colours.

  • Fit The Shape | Educo

    When children are around 7 -11 months, they enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together again. This develops the child’s coordination. The child can hold two things at the same time. ‘Fit the Shape’ trains the coordination of both sides of the body as your child fits the
    shapes together.

  • Follow The Ball | Educo

    With ‘Ball Track’, stimulate a child’s visual skills. Place the ball at the top in the tracker and follow it with the eyes. This is an important skill for later learning to read. In addition, it stimulates the concept of cause-effect and object permanence, because the ball briefly disappears at the end of the track

  • Funny Four | Beleduc

    Which shape does the rhino have? A matching game in which simple shapes are represented as cute animals. Solid wooden blocks help the small child for easy grasping and sorting.

    Product Size:

    200 x 200 x 22

  • Inlay Puzzle – Fruit | Educo

    Become familiar with the names of various fruits.

    Product Size:


  • Inlay Puzzle – Geometric Shapes | Educo

    Inlay puzzle boards are specifically desigened for the very young or those with developing motor skills. The lift out pieces have large knobs for easy maneuvering.

    Product Size:

    340 x 340(Frame size)

  • Inlay Puzzle – Tools | Educo

    By playing with Inlay Board-Tools, children learn to identify and name all kinds of tools.

    Product Size:

    340 x 340(Frame size)

  • Inlay Puzzle – Vegetables | Educo

    Learn different kinds of vegetables.

    Product Size:

    280 × 280 (wit frame)