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    Acrobatico | Beleduc

    You’ll find the mouse dancing on the bear’s nose here! Raise the curtain for the animal acrobats: They have been training for a long time, but all the animals are running around like crazy with excitement. Can you help everyone can find their partner amongst all the chaos? The time has come: Clear the ring for bear-y impressive tricks!

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    DOMInext “Fruits & Vegetables” | Beleduc

    Domino for 2-4 players: new, innovative and next. The aim of the game is to place all cards correctly. Each card has a number on the left and a picture on the right, in which several quantities can be hidden. Each picture can be interpreted differently in relation to the quantities shown. It depends on the player which number s/he finds and how s/he explains them. If the quantity and the number match, the card can be put on. For example: Egg box; 1 brown egg, 5 white eggs, 6 eggs total

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    Happy & Harmony | Beleduc

    Funny gomes conquer the garden! The gnomes Happy and Harmony want to plant their garden. To do this, they have to divide their areas in the garden. Help the dwarfs to find out who gets to plant which area. Combination and reaction are needed to win as many areas as possible.

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    IMPUZZIBLE | Beleduc

    This memo game trains the ear and the feeling for weights. Find the matching pairs by weight or sound and puzzle the pair together. This is how funny animals are created! With Impuzzible, hearing and concentration are particularly promoted, while the fun is in the focus! The box convinces with an innovative concept and a very modern and appealing animal illustration. Of course, the elephant is the heaviest and the little katta the lightest.

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    Joe’s Number Zoo | Beleduc

    Lots of fun at the species protection zoo! Visitors come from all over the world to see the animals. Of course there is a lot of work that Joe has to do: He has to feed the animals and re-arrange the path tiles so that people can visit his species protection zoo. His dachshund „DapDap“ does his best and supports Joe in his work. The aim of the game is to feed the animals or to re-arrange all the path tiles. What succeeds first? By using number cards, the players gets several possibilities to feed the animals or to change the path tiles.

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    Let´s Play | Beleduc

    With “Let’s Play”, children are introduced to music in a playful way, they learn to be aware of tones, to play rhythms and to know their first melodies. Every child can start immediately after a short introduction, without knowing notes and scales in detail. The first melodies and songs are created. Music and rhythm support children’s perception and creativity at an early age. Children can arrange the sound bodies in the wooden box by themselves and play according to melodies. Making music can have a lasting positive influence on various abilities of children, such as cognitive and social skills.

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    Magnet Poster | Beleduc

    In XXL format and therefore ideal for the classroom, this set of poster and magnets provides a step-by-step introduction to the world of multiplication. Thanks to the intelligent concept of the Peppers Monster World, children not only get to know these little monsters in no time with the XXL magnetic poster, but also the multiplication tables. A multi-sensory learning game fun!

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    Mamba Zamba | Beleduc

    The fun and colourful snake domino is already fun for the little ones. The goal is to lay out the wooden cards in matching colours and to be the first to get rid of all the wooden cards by laying them out on the snakes. Long colourful snakes can be created and colour recognition is encouraged in a playful way.

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    Mecki & Co. | Beleduc

    The players are filling their hedgehogs with spines, by rolling the dice of 3 or 6 dots. The player, whose hedgehog is the first to have all 30 spines on his back, is the winner of the game.

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    Monster Confetti | Beleduc

    The monsters are out! Throw the confetti on our popular play mat and let the game begin. Now it’s time for speed! Who collects the most monster cards that match the colour of the confetti? A fun game that encourages colour recognition and reaction. Several game variants provide lots of variety and fun!

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    PINGOLINO | Beleduc

    Save the little penguins! While they travel from ice floe to ice floe, they are melting. Team spirit and a little bit of luck with the dice help. A good overview of the game and some tactics are required for this game. A game of the line “Save our planet” that mentions the consequences of global warming.

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    QUAKI | Beleduc

    There is a lot going on in the water lily pond! The players try to catch the flies with their frogs and be the first to catch as many flies as possible. This exciting and varied game requires a quick reaction and good memory skills. The players try to catch as many flies as possible and collect them on their own game mat. The aim of the game is to be the first to fill all the fly squares on your own small frog game mat.