BRAND: Beleduc

ORIGIN: Germany Since 1963

PHILOSOPHY: Children do not play to learn, they learn because they play

Beleduc is a family business that has more than 50 years’ experience in the toy industry. The philosophy of Beleduc is: Children do not play to learn, they learn because they play.


Driven by their motto, “Play-Experience-Learn”, Beleduc creates, develops and distributes educational toys and equipment for children in Kindergartens and daycare centers aged between 0 and 7 years. Beleduc believes that children do not play to learn, but learn because they play. Therefore, Beleduc’s products are more than educational toys, and through their “playful” learning approach, Beleduc’s products provide high incentives to play and allow children to learn spontaneously whilst having fun.

Each Beleduc product has been incorporated into a learning concept that puts the focus on the child and is developed using current curricula knowledge from experienced pedagogues.

It is Beleduc’s continuous ambition to create and develop educational toys that enable children around the world to reach their full potential. 

Beleduc is a family business for more than 50 years:

The history of beleduc goes back to the year 1946 in Belgium. Louis Godon and his family then started producing and selling various souvenir items “Made in Belgium”. What all of these products had in common was their detailed imitation. They were handmade of wood and were painted manually as well. It would not take very long for the artistically gifted family to expand further.

The decision to fully concentrate on the production of toys for kindergartens, preschools, and nurseries was made in 1962.  In order to start with the manufacture of didactic materials, a suitable organizational basis was required. In this context, the brothers Marcel and Joseph Godon founded their own company “Didago” – which referred to Didactic Godon.

Regular product presentations at the important toy fairs followed, amongst others, at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg since 1978. These exhibitions laid the foundation for the international focus that is so important for beleduc.

The name “beleduc” was referred to in 1988 for the first time. In order to better cater for the increased number of international customers, Marcel and Joseph Godon decided to found a company for the purpose of marketing and distributing their Didago products. In order to emphasize their Belgian heritage, the brothers decided to name the company “beleduc”, thus referring to “Belgian Education”.

The 1980s was the time for Marcel Godon to think about the future of Didago and beleduc respectively.

Marcel Godon regarded it as the best option to offer his company for sale to Peter Handstein. HaPe Kindergarten Service as a young company and their dynamic team was perfectly suited to continue beleduc successfully, not only in Germany but worldwide. Peter Handstein made his decision to take over and continue with beleduc, the new company, from then onwards be named “beleduc Lernspielwaren GmbH” was registered on 1 March 1992.

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